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  • Popular Therapeutic Services

    • Craniosacral Therapy 1hr $85
      Very light touch is provided to balance the craniosacral system. This techniques identifies and reduces perceived restrictions in the movement of the dural sheath and in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by palpating and influencing the rhythmic movements of cerebrospinal fluid as means of restoring well-being. Clients will remained fully clothed and encouraged to dress comfortably.
    • Pediatric/Infant Craniosacral Therapy $85
      Addressing birth trauma, infant medical conditions, sensory processing challenges, latching & feeding challenges, colic, reflux, ear infections, torticollis, developmental delays, hearing/visual challenges, etc... with this very gentle and profound therapeutic modality.
    • Craniosacral Therapy 1.5hr $130
    • Manual Lymph Drainage $85
      A therapeutic form of soft-tissue mobilization dramatically enhances lymph formation and promotes drainage within the superficial and deep systems of the lymph vascular network. Providing basic manual lymph drainage treatment sequences as well manual lymph drainage sequences for mild, medically uncomplicated upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
    • Manual Lymph Drainage 1.5hr $130
    • Military ID Therapeutic Massage 1hr
      Call regarding potential coverage for massage services 518-703-1013 or email
    • Medical Massage 1hr
      Manage symptoms from injury or medical condition (ie motor vehicle accident, work related, chronic medical diagnosis).  
    • SomatoEmotional Release $85
      SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a therapeutic process that uses and expands on the principles of Craniosacral Therapy to help rid the mind and body of the residual effects of trauma. Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and will remain dressed the entire session.
    • Mom & Baby: Pregnancy Massage or Craniosacral Therapy $85
      For optimal care and comfort of an expecting mother this session incorporates gentle techniques with the use of bolsters and pillows.  The benefits of prenatal sessions may include decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep, decrease anxiety/stress, and increase "feel-good" hormones promoting an overall elevation in mood and optimal function of the nervous system, incorporating craniosacral therapy and reflexology techniques.
    • Reflexology Footwork $85
      Gentle and firm focused pressure techniques are applied to areas on the feet stimulating reflex points that via the nervous system have a positive affect on different parts of the body and associated body systems. This therapy is non-invasive and safe for everyone from babies to the elderly helping each body to maintain an internal balance (homeostasis) and achieve optimal wellness. Benefits include improved circulation, relaxation from stress reduction, and symptom relief of various conditions.  The client remains fully clothed. The pressure utilized is that which is most comfortable for the client, to ensure a rejuvenating experience.
    • Senior Therapeutic Massage (on-site) $65
      This session is intended to increase circulation, reduce muscle stiffness, aid inflammation in the joints, alleviate pain, and improve respiration while providing opportunity for improved overall quality of life and psychological wellbeing.
    • Young Living Raindrop Therapy $100
      Raindrop Technique incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils with traditional massage practice. The application of pure therapeutic grade essential oils can promote energy realignment, stress relief, release of toxins, and the harmonious balance of every system in the body. The session will be customized for each client to ensure the greatest benefit from the technique by performing a skin test of the oils at the start of the session while your body relaxes to traditional massage techniques prior to the raindrop technique application
    • YL Raindrop Therapy with Customized Massage 1.5hr $140
      Fully pamper yourself while promoting overall wellness by receiving a Raindrop Therapy session followed by a customized therapeutic massage addressing your specific areas of need.
    • Hospice/Palliative Care Massage (on-site) $45
      Incorporating therapeutic massage customized to the client when managing the symptoms of a chronic or terminal illness can assist an individual in engaging and/or tolerating meaningful daily activities.
    • Myofascial Release 1hr $85
      A safe and very effective hands on technique that involves applying gentle and sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore function. Treatments are performed directly on the skin without the use of creams or oils, enabling the therapist to accurately detect fascial restrictions and apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to facilitate release of the fascia.
    • Myofascial Release 1.5hr $130
    • Customized Therapeutic Massage $85
      Utilizing specialized techniques to address pain, muscle spasms, headaches, limited range of motion, nervous system unease, anxiety, depression while promoting overall relaxation, stress reduction, and improved quality of life
    • Stress Away Relaxation Massage (scalp, hands, & feet) $65
      Focus of session is relaxation! incorporating various therapeutic techniques to the face, scalp, hands, and feet customized to the client's preference
    • Aromatherapy (add to any session) $10
      Add to any session your favorite Young Living essential oil to enhance your therapeutic experience: (choose from) Lavender, Frankincence, Lemongrass, Purification, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Lemon, Sacred Mountain, Patchouli or Stress Away Please note your oil of choice in the Note section when booking your appt.
  • Young Living Essential Oil - distributor #1894080

    Become a member of Young Living and receive wholesale prices on therapeutic grade essential oils. To learn more call 518-703-1013 or visit utilize member #1894080 when establishing your membership under Natural Touch Therapeutic Massage
  • Specialized Therapeutic Techniques

    • Tactile Integration $65
      Assists in regulating hyper-sensitive, hypo-sensitive, or non-functioning tactile system provided neuro-tactile techniques that stimulate different receptors in the skin for healthy motor, communication, and cognitive development to proceed. Clients will remain fully clothed and encouraged to dress comfortably.
  • Special Accomodations

    Please email for further information regarding off-site massage
    • Massage for the Laboring Woman
      An individualized contracted service to meet the needs of mom as determined during early, transition, and/or active delivery stages of the birth process in the hospital and at home settings. Please contact for more information regarding this service to see its place in your birth plan.
    • Senior Wellness Massage (off-site) 1hr $85
    • Hospice/Palliative Care Massage (off-site) 1hr $65
      A loved one battling a chronic or terminal illness may be in need of gentle touch for relaxation, comfort, and/or pain management during the phase of symptom management or end of life care and may no longer be able to leave home or long term care facility for an appointment. Know that off-site massage is available. Please feel free to contact or email for more information